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Chekov & Sulu

A Pavel Chekov & Hikaru Sulu LiveJournal Community

A Chekov&Sulu Community
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c h e k o v & s u l u

Welcome to chekov_sulu, the first and only community dedicated to the relationship between Pavel Chekov and Hikaru Sulu, from Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek XI (2009).

Feel free to post fics, graphics, fanvideos, or anything related to the most adorable pairing on the Star Trek Universe. :)

r u l e s

01. Respect everyone and anyone.

02. Any graphics and fanfics about the pairing are allowed.

03. One thumbnail of any wallpaper, banner or signature and three to four icons are allowed to show. The rest has to be under a cut.

04. When posting a fanfic, follow the form:

Rating: (PG, PG-13, G, R, NC-17)
Warning: (sexual content, major violence, etc)
Type: (oneshot, chapter story, complete, etc)

05. Don't forget to use the tags. If you're posting a fanart or a fanfic, you need to put at least three tags: fanfiction or fanart, rating (PG, PG-13, G, R, NC-17), fandom (Star Trek: XI or Star Trek: TOS)

06. No discussion should be held on the community, but if you wish to hold discussion on your own journal then a link on this community will be allowed if the discussion is non-inflammatory.

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