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06 June 2010 @ 11:45 pm
biweekly kink meme report June 6th  
Hello! Sorry this is so late, I've had a hectic weekend. Unfortunately the fills did not pile up in my absence. :-(

Here are the meme fills for this week! Some of these were probably already posted on the comm. I have not included warnings, please read at your own risk and check out the prompts, and assume all entries are NSFW.

Pet Play Virtual Reality World
The actual prompt is a bit different, here is the author's note: "hey anon, this is something I wrote about a BDSM pet play universe where Pike is a grandfatherly figure (in a Hugh Hefner kind of way) to the pets and their owners and it kind of fits what you wanted, hope you like it, it's Sulu/Chekov and McCoy/Kirk and it's based in an elaborate virtual reality role play game that they all participate in during their rec hours and I actually didn't invent it myself I just wrote the fic: ENJOY?!?"
Also includes Kirk/Chekov and McCoy/Kirk

sulu or chekov or sulu and chekov I want a fic which involves Sulu (or Chekov or both of them) beaming down to a planet only to discover that the male inhabitants that the nature pheromones produces by humans make the inhabitants go into something similar to a pon farr (minus the possessiveness).

Also Sulu (or Chekov or both of them) is to be over powered (maybe even bound at the arms or wrists?) and out numbered (10-15) by them, torn of his/their clothing, and fucked (I mean fucked like come in/on his/their ass, mouth, back, stomach, hands, hair, multiple times) relentlessly. At first he/they are reluctant but the alien's come/pre-come acts as a powerful aphrodisiac causing him/them to practically beg for more.

War's End Kiss
If you don't know, War's End Kiss is a famous photograph from after WWII, where a returning soldier planted one on a nurse: http://i42.tinypic.com/xoiqub.jpg It was on the cover of magazines and basically became the celebratory image of the end of the war.

So maybe everyone on the Enterprise was really excited to make it back to Earth, and in the heat of the moment Sulu grabbed Chekov and planted one on him. Someone snaps a picture and BAM suddenly that's above all the updates and feeds and news reports saying that the Enterprise (the last remaining group of SFA students!) made it home.

Bonus if they weren't really going out before any of this.

Sulu's been in love with Chekov forever.

Neither of them are virgins or inexperienced, but when they finally have sex Sulu is a nervous mess. He can't believe he's finally going to have sex with Chekov. His hands are shaking, he's panting, he's unable to say much or be of much use. Cue Chekov taking charge and climbing on and riding Sulu. Bonus points if he rides him really slow and long because if he pushes it too hard too fast Sulu will come immediately.

Basically sweet young (but experienced) Chekov takes charge in bed when older confident Sulu becomes a panting shaking mess.

Sulu with horns
Sulu was born with little horns on his head. Chekov thinks they're cute.

MORE Sulu/Chekov! BAMF!Sulu, rough sex, 'baby'...
What I really want is some BAMF!Sulu! In which he kicks ass hardcore. lol. But more than that I want him getting all dominant and protecting Chekov in a situation where Chekov gets threatened (preferably not while on the ship). And just kicking some ass. To the point that his knuckles are thrashed from beating the shit out of someone. For them to be bloody and swollen (maybe broke open a little bit).

And then when it's all done and they get back to their quarters he's still riding the rush of adrenaline and attacks Chekov. Maybe staking his claim. Though not in anyway non-con or dubious, completely consensual. Where Chekov is awed by the show of Sulu's force (and love) while fighting and just gives into what Sulu wants and loving every second of it. I'm looking for Sulu MANHANDLING Chekov in whatever way he pleases. Up against a wall, on the desk, on the bed... Wherever. Bonus points if they wind up breaking anything in the process. ROUGH. ROUGH. ROUGH. I'm down for biting and scratching, bruises and hair pulling, barely done prep...

And I think if you can give me this bit I will love you endlessly: Chekov comes before the actual sex happens because Sulu is sucking and biting his nipples raw. To the point that he draws blood. And Sulu uses his come as lubrication when he finally fucks him.

And though the sex is really rough, I need Sulu to call Chekov 'baby' during it. At least once. And for Chekov to be a pleading sobbing mess. Maybe a proclamation of 'mine' while Sulu bites him or pounds into him. To which Chekov can only whimper 'yes' over and over.

Extra bonus points if they go right from the transporter to the room and Sulu's hands are still pulp and they wind up streaking blood onto Chekov's body/clothes.

And EXTRA EXTRA BONUS points if Chekov leaves some marks of his own on Sulu!

Here are some prompts that need fills!

Taking it slow, but Chekov can't wait
Sulu wants to take things slow - kissing, cuddling, handjobs, blowjobs, eventually sex, etc. Chekov is horny and a little impatient.

Finally one night Sulu is blowing Chekov (but he's insisting it won't lead to sex that night) and Chekov is trying to inconspicuously finger himself. Sulu catches him.

Where it goes from there is up to the author!

Sulu/Chekov (+ others), elaborate pet play fantasy
It's Halloween on crazy pet play sex island/virtual reality world!

Pet!Chekov has a BEE COSTUME. He probably wins the pet costume contest??

Maybe Kirk has little devil horns but McCoy doesn't care that much so he didn't really go all in.


Discussion Topic:

What flaws do Sulu and Chekov have that the other fill in for them?
Fair Hearing: er hahafairhearing on June 7th, 2010 07:13 am (UTC)
Ummmm I'm pretty sure there's like, a new threesome fill for Kirk/Sulu/Chekov around there somewhere or something like that from like, an hour ago? Someone told me, I'm not sure if it's true. I don't think it's true.

Oh I guess it's over here or something

hollycomb on June 7th, 2010 01:13 pm (UTC)

cordelianne: ST Chekov earnestcordelianne on June 7th, 2010 06:54 pm (UTC)
Ooooooh, thanks for the heads up!! I am always looking for more Kirk/Sulu/Chekov!! :D
mercaquemercaque on June 7th, 2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've been kind of surprised at the sudden taper-off of Chulu fics. Not that I'm in any position to criticize since I haven't been able to finish anything I was even thinking of writing. Just, you know, concerned about our little fandom. Post-victory exhaustion from the ship wars? Or did I miss another wank episode?

What flaws do Sulu and Chekov have that the other fill in for them?

Totally just my own personal take, but I see Sulu as being the extrovert while Chekov is the introvert (not that either one of those things are a "flaw" exactly). I also oddly kind of see Sulu as the bigger idealist and Chekov as more of a realist, again not that either one of those things are flaws, but perhaps they need to balance each other.
the belle of the ball of the insurgency: chekov sadtallycola on June 7th, 2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
I think it's just summer.
the belle of the ball of the insurgencytallycola on June 7th, 2010 11:14 pm (UTC)
Personally I see Chekov as a little manic and prone to overwork, while Sulu always makes sure he has time to de-stress with his hobbies and relaxing and stuff, so he helps bring Chekov down a bit.